About Padma

And What People Have to Say

About Padma

Padma’s early years included attending university, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a teaching certificate. Her longing to understand life led her to study theology in a seminary becoming a minister of a spiritual church. Part of her training as a Reverend was  to be a spiritual counselor. In 1985 recognizing a deep calling to assist others, she began her practice.  In 1989 facilitating groups emerged. The focus of these classes was meditation, awareness, healing, and clairvoyance.

Through her exploration into the nature of being and consciousness, Padma met several teachers of truth. A series of openings occurred  She traveled to India visiting Arunachula, the famous mountain where Ramana made his home. A deep bow of gratitude to Neelam, Thomas Hubl, Adyashanti, Pamela Wilson, and Mingyur Rinpoche.

“Who are you? That is the mystery. You may be surprised to find out that your answers lie inside. Centuries of humanity were looking to the outer world to provide answers that could only be found by looking within. It is an honour to hold up a mirror for you to see the beauty  of who you really are” … Padma

Padma’s Poems

In this beautiful sadness I am alone

In this beautiful sadness I am alone
There is nothing left 
Every particle of matter I clung to is blow away.
And in that eternal moment of nothingness
The double edged flame of truth is revealed.
None of it ever mattered and yet it all matters deeply.

(written after the death of a loved one…) 

The Reluctant Buddhist

I would not study your dharma 20 years ago
Yet have always been a love of truth
Who is to say which path is right?
If it leads you to the center of the universe
Standing inside your own shoes
It’s the right place.


Who is it that sits 

Behind those eyes looking out…waiting?

Come out and play

The Washer Woman

In the midst of this domestic bliss 
I sometimes catch myself as I wash the floors

Seeing an old washer woman 
Body aching, 
Humbled by circumstance. 

She is without status in this world 
No value is assigned by society 
She is stateless

There are no worlds big enough to contain 
Her wisdom

Yet she is a mystery and nobody knows her name

Choose Only God

Let me be the one who holds you tight.
Let me be the one who kisses you at night.
Know I love you and I always have,
Because we are One

Choose only love and love will be
A part of everything you hear, touch, and see.
Be the One you love to be
Choose only God and here I’ll be.

‘Cause I am in you and you are in me.
Shine a little light in your life today
Let me be the one to whom you pray.
I am in you you are in me.
Choose only God and here I’ll be.

Release the darkness 
Embrace the light.
I am the way
I am your life.
When you need a hand
Call on me
Ask and it shall be delivered unto thee

Because I love you 
And I’ve always been there
Open your heart.
Let me be the one who holds you tight.
I am the way
Make me your life! 

Thank you Padma for the wonderful meditation and healing tonight ♥️ I feel light and lovely like a feather leaving your house as usual ♥️ ♥️ Thanx 

Lola W

I have visited Padma for individual sessions as well as group sessions. I’ve left the individual sessions feeling lighter and happier once anger and sadness had been released. And the group sessions taught me things so I could help myself on a daily basis. I’m so thankful of all her help!

Teresa C

Thank you for reminding me of the truth of who I am.


I did a wonderful weekly course with Padma in Vancouver a few years ago. She dubbed it “energetic first aid” training. We learned how to sense, work with and clear energies, and how to access our spiritual wisdom and our capacities for healing. It was deep and nurturing. I highly recommend her for learning or healing work.

Pamela R.

Thank you for the wonderful healing Padma!.  I felt very comfortable with you and really value your advice.  I will follow it!

Raman G

Received a really wonderful energy healing and reading from Padma
She is a wonderful and gifted healer. Highly recommend her services ♥️

Jacinda O.