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Groups with Padma

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All teachings are pointing to who you really are.  In the discovery of that you may also find deep peace, renewed energy, awareness, learn healing modalities, sense and /or see energy. 
At the basis of our group journey will be meditation.  Who can unravel the meaning of life’s purpose?  Look within.
 Life is a journey.  As we live there is an opportunity for the heart to open and compassion grow.  We are the one we have been longing for.  Our life is the enfoldment of the love we offer every moment. 
Being here.  Being present, offering that is our only purpose.  Each one of us is the pathway to our own divinity.  We have always been that.  There is no set formula to find your way.  Teachers share their truth and what has helped them.  Silence, meditation, and certain other practices may help. 
Share awareness as a group. Let go of all obstacles that you believe are stopping you.  My invitation is to point to who you are, have always been, and will always be… beyond this life…eternally and forever.  Remembering this is freedom.

Experience your life fully!

For a schedule & information on Classes in Energy Awareness & Clear Seeing contact Padma  padma@beautytruth.org or 604 677-7509

Meditation & Satsang Call for more info: 604 677-7509