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Accepting what is
All my Relations
Beauty is Truth
Creating Harmony
Honoring Boundaries
Man and Woman
New Beginnings
Reflecting on our True Nature
What Really Matters

About Padma

Padma's early years included attending university, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a teaching certificate. Her longing to understand life led her to study theology in a seminary becoming a minister of a spiritual church. Part of her training as a Reverend was  to be a spiritual counsellor. In 1985 recognizing a deep calling to assist others, she began her practice.  In 1989 facilitating groups emerged. The focus of these classes was meditation, energy awareness, healing, and clairvoyance.

Padma has travelled to many countries, visited sacred sites, and sat with many great teachers. Profound shifts occurred.
Poetry began writing itself through her. It expresses wonder and awe at the beauty around us, love, and a deep bow of gratitude to the Beloved.

Through her exploration into the nature of being and consciousness, Padma met several teachers of truth. A series of openings occurred  She travelled to India visiting Arunachala, the famous mountain where Ramana made his home. A deep bow of gratitude to Neelam, Adyashanti, Pamela Wilson, and Muni.

“Who are you? That is the mystery. You may be surprised to find out that your answers lie inside. Centuries of humanity were looking to the outer world to provide answers that could only be found by looking within. It is an honour to hold up a mirror for you to see the beauty you are” ... Padma